Pincroft Dyeing and Printing Co. Ltd has one of the most modern bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing facilities in the world.

With over a century of tradition in the dyeing and finishing of textiles, Pincroft Dyeing & Printing Co. Ltd has, for the last 25 years specialised in the production of workwear fabrics and is acknowledged as leader in this field.

The technical skills developed over this period have been reinforced by the investment of over 20 millions euro’s in state of the art machinery in recent years.

Part of this investment has included the installation of the largest heat recovery system of its type in the world. This system will dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as, it allows Pincroft to recover energy from waste water used during processing and from the hot exhaust air of the drying and finishing equipment.

The Kyoto agreement, which the UK has ratified, calls on industry to reduce its energy consumption by 10% over the next 10 years. The heat recovery system supplied by Koenig of Switzerland will reduce the energy consumption required to heat water by over a third, and will enable Pincroft to meet the overall reduction target of 10% in its energy usage.